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Eyelash Conditioners & Gels

Eyelash and eyebrow hair loss can be caused by a variety of situations. For a healthy person, your eyelashes and brows are exposed to multiple hazards each day including shampoo, cleanser, mascara & other cosmetics, lash curlers, artificial lashes, chemicals from tinting, lash perm solution, plucking, sun, free radicals, lash extensions and the aging process. These factors cause lashes and brows to break, fade, thin and fall out.

Many other people have medical conditions that may cause loss of eyelashes, brows and hair such as: medication, chemotherapy, infection, skin diseases, metal poisoning, vitamin and mineral overdoses, hormonal, endocrine and autoimmune diseases. All of these conditions create a situation in which the hair follicle cannot flourish and produce hair growth. When the lashes and brows become thin and fall-out, there is not only no “frame” for the face but the person’s self-esteem is affected.

Hair is a non-living entity with the vital, growing portion living under the skin in the hair follicle. The hair in the bulb or follicle, will grow, divide and absorb melanin. There are topical treatments designed to absorb into the skin and deliver benefits to the growing hair and the result is longer, thicker, darker lashes and brows.

Lash and Brow Conditioning Gels provide reconstructive components that prevent new velus hair from being affected by cosmetic and environmental hazards. They hydrate and plump lashes, stimulate the follicle, soften brittle lashes, restore the weakened hair shaft, improve the moisture level in the follicle -promoting healthier hair growth. The topical treatments also improve the health of the skin and strengthen the matrix around the follicle giving it a good base in which to grow. These lash gels can give the effect of eyelash extensions, without the extensions!

Lash and Brow Conditioning Gels, such as Lash Advance, can produce dramatic improvement in the appearance of volume, texture and density of lashes and brows.

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