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Why Using A Serum vs. A Lotion Matters

If you have problematic or slightly imperfect skin, this topic is something you probably don’t think about often, but could make the biggest difference in your skin.

The major difference between the two:

– Serums are liquids that cleanly absorb into the skin

– Lotions, sit ON the skin

Obviously, not all products are the same so the consistency varies, but in general, these rules hold trus.

Many drugstore lotions also tend to contain parabens. Parabens are essentially petroleum, and like many ingredients in drugstore lotions, they sit on the skin and when ingested, in the liver.

Instead of lotions, I prefer to use serums in my skin care regimen for the following reasons:

  1. You can use multiple serums, where as you can only get real benefit from one, maybe two lotions.
  2. Serums tend to be pure vitamins and therefore, you aren’t slothing on lots of fillers.
  3. Serums absorb into the skin, rather than sit on the skin.

Remember: serums before lotion. Lotion creates a barrier and if you apply the serum after the lotion, the serum won’t penetrate the skin. For the most part, a serum is a liquid and lotions are, well, lotions.

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