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Why Worry About pH Levels & Your Skin?

You always hear “pH Balanced for Skin”, but what does that actually mean to you and your breakouts?  I remember learning about pH and acidity in high school, but now I have learned about it’s importance in skin care products. When skin is taken outside of its natural pH levels of 4.5 to 5.5 (on a scale of 0 to 14), it no longer has the ability to defend itself from pollution, fungus, and other bacteria. This is also the…
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Skin Benefits of Raw Honey

Before my wedding, I broke out all over my face–a bride’s worst nightmare. I immediately went to a local spa which offers natural product facials for help. Knowing I had days before the big event, the aesthetician recommended I use raw honey to gently heal my acne. This sounded too bizarre to be true, so I asked her a ton of questions and then decided to try it. It should be noted that not all honey is created equal. Most…
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Autumn Ingredient DIY Skin Care

Take some time for yourself by indulging in one (or all!) of these amazing at-home skin care recipes that will give you a taste of fall year-round. Autumn signals a time to begin slowing down as the days shorten, the temperature drops and Mother Nature puts on a fanciful foliage show.   APPLE-CIDER VINEGAR Great for blocked pores, unprocessed and unheated organic apple-cider vinegar–which is a light brown, cloudy liquid—helps prevent inflammation and contains malic acid a natural alpha-hydroxy acid,…
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Homemade Dry Skin Masks: How Do They Compare?

Making your own skin care products can be a great way to save time and money, and we have been busy comparing the homemade, natural facial masks to store-bought ones. So, is it worth the blending and mixing to make skin care products at home? We wanted to find out with a couple of masks for dry skin. Yogurt & Honey Mask Mix plain yogurt with a tablespoon of honey. Leave on for 20-25 min and wash off with warm…
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Body Scrubs: Which One is Right for You?

Has your skin become rough and lackluster? If so, get your skin summer ready by using a body scrub once a week. Scrubs are an easy way to enhance your natural glow by removing dead skin cells leaving soft, supple skin. But, with so many on the market, which one is right for you? Let’s help you break it down: Sugar Scrubs Gentler than salt, sugar scrubs are a good choice for those with sensitive skin. They also dissolve easily…
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Natural Skincare: Coffee & Bananas

Being beautiful doesn’t mean having to spend lots of money at a crowded store. You can find manypampering products right in the convenience of your own kitchen. Here, I will let you in on my favorite two products for a homemade makeover: coffee and bananas. Coffee This well-known bean is touted by some for its great topical cellulite reducing properties. Make a simple at-home exfoliant by mixing used coffee grounds with a little shower gel. When in the bath or…
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Homemade vs Store-Bought Facial Peels: Who Wins?

If you’d like to buy local, go green and save a little money, making your own organic skin care might be a fun and easy way to do it. We have been comparing organic, store-bought masks with homemade ones and want to find out if you still get the same results. Is organic skin care all the same no matter where you get it? We used the Papaya Enzyme Mask Recipe we have on the site to compare to store-bought…
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Do-It-Yourself Pore Minimizers

Shopping for the right product for your skin can sometimes be difficult if you aren’t allowed to try before you buy. To save money and the earth, try these homemade skin care remedies to tighten your pores. To begin, you need to keep 4 things in mind – Keep Your Skin Clean – this means no going to bed without washing your face. Debris and oil are the prime contributors to large pores and not washing your face does not…
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Homemade Masks For Dry Skin – Avocados, Honey & More!

If you are looking for a few easy-to-make masks with ingredients that are right in your kitchen – look no further! We have compiled a few masks formulated especially for dry skin that will leave you soft, subtle and exfoliated. For dry, flaky skin you will want to peel off the dead skin on the top layer in order to moisturize the newer skin below. Read our post on At-Home Facial Peels for more thorough instructions or you may use…
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How Your Jack-O-Lantern Can Make You Beautiful

Looking for ways to be healthier, go organic and cut down on waste? Using many of your local fruits and vegetables for your beauty regimen is a quick and easy way to accomplish all three! Instead of throwing away that jack-o-lantern, why not cook it up and lather in on? Pumpkin is high in Vitamin A, C and Zinc – all of which are extremely beneficial to your skin. Everyone can benefit from the collagen-building and antioxidant properties of Vitamin…
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8 Do-It-Yourself Ways To Reduce Redness

Skin is often easily irritated and once those angry red imperfections have set up camp, they are reluctant to leave. If you’re prone to redness and irritation, here are some home remedies that are worth trying before bringing in the big guns. Consistent, good skin care habits are a good place to start. Be sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser before bed each night and exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells and irritating bacteria. Add a…
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The Numerous Beauty Uses of Olive Oil

You consider it good for food, but on your body? You’d be surprised at the many uses of olive oil and how effective it actually is. If you’re tight on cash or just want a way to go green, this is a perfect way to do it. Olive Oil can be used as a: Skin Moisturizer: Whether applied to face or body, olive oil will penetrate deep into the skin and provide a long-lasting shield of moisture to keep skin…
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5 Ways You Can Afford Organic Skin Care

1. Raid your kitchen – Get back in to basics while doing your body and the planet good. The following ingredients are readily available, cheap and they work! – Olive Oil – Some swear by no other moisturizer than this; in fact, I’ve used nothing but organic [cold-pressed] olive oil to cleanse and moisturize my face for the last 2 years and my skin looks and feels great. It’s also an excellent eye makeup remover. To use as a body…
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6 Organic Skin Care Ingredients in Your Kitchen

1. Olive Oil – In addition to being a natural, hypoallergenic way to moisturize skin, extra virgin olive oil has the added advantage of providing strong antioxidants. Vitamins A and E help repair and renew skin that has been damaged and stimulate cells to return skin to a firmer, smoother, and healthier state. There are numerous uses for olive oil, so many that it has its own post – “The Many Uses of Oilve Oil in Skin Care”. 2. Oatmeal…
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At-Home Affordable Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

All kinds of things cause those unflattering dark circles under our eyes. Yes, our eyes. The ones that make us look even more tired and haggard than we already are. Lack of sleep, stress, age, even diet can contribute to dark circles; not to mention smoking, caffeine, dehydration, sun exposure, allergies and illness. Perhaps it would take less time to list what doesn’t cause dark circles…. Regardless of how they came to be, what do we do about them? More…
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Do-It-Yourself Remedies To Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a natural result of aging. No doubt we will all accumulate some,but many of us don’t celebrate their appearance. I would like to accumulate the knowledge and wisdom age provides, but look like a fresh-faced 17-year-old. I’m not so dedicated, however, that I’m willing to spend hundreds or even thousands to achieve that look of eternal youth. Instead of buying expensive potions or signing up to have my face lifted, here are a few suggested ways to fight…
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At-Home Facial Peels For Younger Looking Skin

Most of us are looking for younger, healthier, more vibrant skin. Many of us don’t have the money to drop on expensive cosmetic procedures and would like to explore organic skin care. Facial peels have long been used to achieve a smoother, more youthful skin. They involve applying a concentrated acid to the skin to dissolve the top layers of dead skin cells. Unfortunately, peels can be pricey, anywhere from $75 to $2,000 depending on what you’re having done and…
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At-Home Remedies For Removing Under Eye Bags & Reducing Puffiness

As I sat down to put my make-up on the other day, I noticed horrible bags under my eyes. I’m kind of hoping I caught myself at a bad angle, that the play of light and shadow from my bedroom window was accentuating my flaws and they’re not really that bad. Regardless, they were there, extra luggage on my face, baggage that says I’m overtired and getting old. Screw that! So I did a little research and was pleasantly surprised…
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Why You Need To Incorporate Masks & Peels Into Your Skin Care Routine

Much of young, beautiful skin is about exfoliating and moisturizing. Once you exfoliate, you reveal, younger, newer skin beneath – that is what gives your skin that “glow”. The best way to maximize the products you already use (and the results) is to incorporate masks or peels into your routine. Even if you use the best products, your skin needs to be exfoliated periodically so that fresh, new skin can surface. Use a facial scrub every other day to exfoliate,…
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