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Facial Toners: Are They Necessary?

They’re advertised and touted as “needed”. Skin kits demand that you purchase ALL the products for perfect skin. Real life sets in. You’re tired. It’s late. We have all been there. To tone or not to tone? Toners are supposed to get that last trace of makeup or dirt off your face, tighten pores and refresh the skin. However, if you’re using the correct cleanser or washing with a Clarisonic Skin Care Brush, all your makeup should be gone with…
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No Time? Have Fantastic, Youthful Skin In Minutes

So you want great skin with minimal effort? Don’t have time for a long, involved skin care regimen? Here’s what you need to know to have great skin, with little effort! Skin care is about cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and adding vitamins. Keep these 4 things in mind and you’re on your way to great skin. Cleanse morning and night with your favorite cleanser while using a Clarisonic Skin Care Brush. A Clarisonic works much like a Sonicare toothbrush for the…
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My Skin Is Alright, But How Do I Make It Glow?

You cleanse, tone and use vitamins on your skin. Your skin looks good, but you’re in need of that evenly toned skin that glows! You know what I mean. Flawless under makeup and perfect without it. You want that skin! The only difference between you and them is product. Your skin is about the product you use (the water you drink) and how often you cleanse. If you wash your face every night and follow the steps described in I’m…
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Essential Skin Care Products For A Tight Budget

Short on cash? Looking for the best bang-for-your-buck skin care products? Great skin doesn’t have to break the bank and the upside is that you can start with these and then add more as your pocketbook allows. Cleanser –This goes without saying. If your face isn’t clean, it won’t look good. The best all-around cleanser is Aminogenesis Really Clean and at $19.50, it’s a steal. One bottle will last you at least 6 months. Vitamin C Serum – Vitamin C builds…
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I Break Out Occasionally, My Skin Isn’t Great – What Can I Do?

I get all kinds of questions and comments about my skin and I can tell you one thing – your skin is a reflection of the products you use. Of course, if you never drink water and eat McDonald’s all day, that’s another story. But if you’re someone who tries to take relatively good care of yourself yet you have terrible skin, it’s more than likely the products you’re using. So how can you make your skin glow? First, make…
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Why You Need To Incorporate Masks & Peels Into Your Skin Care Routine

Much of young, beautiful skin is about exfoliating and moisturizing. Once you exfoliate, you reveal, younger, newer skin beneath – that is what gives your skin that “glow”. The best way to maximize the products you already use (and the results) is to incorporate masks or peels into your routine. Even if you use the best products, your skin needs to be exfoliated periodically so that fresh, new skin can surface. Use a facial scrub every other day to exfoliate,…
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I Like My Basic Products, What Else Should I Be Doing?

In I’m A Beginner – What Products Should I Use & How Do I Use Them?, I reviewed the basics of what you should be doing daily, morning and night. It’s important to point out that if you want to see results with your skin care, you need to do your routine regularly. You can do masks and other “extras” a few times a week, but the basics require daily practice for desired results. I’m sure there are lots of…
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I’m A Beginner – What Products Should I Use & How Do I Use Them?

  Don’t know where to start? We’ve created a list below that will help you on your way to great skin! Once you get these basics down, then you can start to play with masks, peels and other “spa-like” treatments. Please remember that finding the right products for you takes time and effort. You may buy things you don’t like. If that happens, help a friend out and give it to them. It just might make their day. Find a…
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Why It Isn’t Always Best To Use An Entire Line of Skin Care Products

I’ve been surprised over the past few years about the number of people I encounter that believe the best way to go about skin care is to use the whole line – or at least all products from the same line. After trying hundreds of products over the years and many different product lines, I’ve found that product lines usually have 2-3 great products. Often, their other products are merely average or even sub-par. The key for me has been…
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Why Using A Serum vs. A Lotion Matters

If you have problematic or slightly imperfect skin, this topic is something you probably don’t think about often, but could make the biggest difference in your skin. The major difference between the two: – Serums are liquids that cleanly absorb into the skin – Lotions, sit ON the skin Obviously, not all products are the same so the consistency varies, but in general, these rules hold trus. Many drugstore lotions also tend to contain parabens. Parabens are essentially petroleum, and…
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