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Body Scrubs: Which One is Right for You?

Has your skin become rough and lackluster? If so, get your skin summer ready by using a body scrub once a week. Scrubs are an easy way to enhance your natural glow by removing dead skin cells leaving soft, supple skin. But, with so many on the market, which one is right for you? Let’s help you break it down: Sugar Scrubs Gentler than salt, sugar scrubs are a good choice for those with sensitive skin. They also dissolve easily…
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Date Night Prep: How To Get Your Skin Soft, Firm & Toned All Over!

So you’ve got a big date with a new man (or your hot husband) and want to look your best? You want to make sure your skin is soft (all over), your body firm and that you are feeling your best. Here are a few tips on how to tighten, tone, exfoliate and primp your way to a better you!           If it’s a big date, start a day early. Take a shower and exfoliate dead…
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