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A passion to find the best products and educate others on the importance of the products they put on their skin drove us to open this site. The education section and associated online skin care store,, are run by a mother/daughter team that has been sampling and reviewing products for over 15 years.

Our philosophy is based on, first and foremost, helping people feel better about themselves – whether is it inner thoughts, outer beauty. We here at want to uplift and support others in their quest to think and feel better. We also have a deep commitment to making organic, eco-friendly products available to our clients.


has been testing products since the age of 18 and has developed a passion for all things skin care. Her knowledge and experience has allowed her to promote healthy skin and help both friends and family with their skin problems. Michelle’s emphasis is on clean, simple and effective products. Her candor and integrity allow her to provide honest, straight-forward product reviews that you can trust.





In an attempt to finally heal her acne, Jennifer turned to the advice of her much older sister almost 20 years ago, who introduced her to the world of simple, natural beauty products. Though relatively new to the skin care industry, Jennifer has an interest in not only learning about skin care, but helping others feel beautiful from the inside out.



Our hope is that people feel better about themselves through improved skin health and appearance. And we hope that this site is a part of that journey. If you have any questions or suggestions including products you would like us to review, please email us at   hi at

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