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Homemade vs Store-Bought Facial Peels: Who Wins?

If you’d like to buy local, go green and save a little money, making your own organic skin care might be a fun and easy way to do it.

We have been comparing organic, store-bought masks with homemade ones and want to find out if you still get the same results. Is organic skin care all the same no matter where you get it?

We used the Papaya Enzyme Mask Recipe we have on the site to compare to store-bought exfoliating masks.

Peels slough off the top layer of dead skin to reveal newer, softer skin beneath. That is what gives you that “glow”. Any fruit enzyme mask is an exfoliating one, that is why we are comparing them to peels. View the entire recipe of the mask I used here – Homemade Papaya Enzyme Mask Recipe.

1. We peeled, seeded and cut up the papaya into a blender. We blended the fruit until puree. Don’t puree the fruit for too long and liquefy it. You want the fruit to stay on your face, not run off.

2. We then poured the puree into a bowl and mixed it with pineapple puree. Equal amounts of each. We then added honey.

3. We poured the rest of the papaya and pineapple puree into labeled snack bags to freeze. One papaya makes enough for at least 10-12 masks, so be prepared to freeze some.

4. We applied the mask to our faces and left it on for 20-25 min, or until dry.


We were all impressed with how well the homemade facial mask exfoliated skin. It didn’t work quite as well as a store-bought exfoliating mask, but when done 2 days in a row, we had the same results as one treatment of the store-bought one.

After using the mask once, our skin felt tight, but not dry, and exfoliated. After applying a second time the next day, our skin felt amazing and soft.

The mask took about 20 min to make with fairly easy clean-up.


If you enjoy supporting your local farmers and being organic, make your own homemade peel.

If you don’t have time, choose a store-bought enzyme or exfoliating mask like the Credentials Fruit Enzyme Peel or Astara Violet Flame Enzyme Mask. We felt the only huge difference was price and time – the homemade mask will take more of both to mix up and apply.

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