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Homemade Dry Skin Masks: How Do They Compare?

Making your own skin care products can be a great way to save time and money, and we have been busy comparing the homemade, natural facial masks to store-bought ones. So, is it worth the blending and mixing to make skin care products at home? We wanted to find out with a couple of masks for dry skin.

Yogurt & Honey Mask

Mix plain yogurt with a tablespoon of honey. Leave on for 20-25 min and wash off with warm water.

The mask feels cool when first applied, but warms quickly. It will feel soothing and moisturizing to the face. I personally couldn’t believe how soft and moisturized my skin felt after removing the homemade mask.

Some moisturizing masks moisturize too much, but this one makes your skin feel soft and smooth all without being oily.

Conclusion: Use this mask instead of a store-bought moisturizing mask! It took minutes to prepare and made my skin feel as good, if not better than store-bought masks.

Avocado & Honey Mask

The second mask was made with avocado and honey- 1/2 avocado mixed with 1/4 C of honey. It was extremely simple to make and felt cool when applying. I even used part of an avocado that was starting to go bad.

This mask isn’t as heavy as yogurt masks and therefore, doesn’t leave as much on the skin. For my normal skin type, this was a good thing. I felt that this mask moisturized evenly and lightly. It would also be a good mask to store in the refrigerator for future use, and it’s gentle enough to use a few times a week or more. The recipe listed above makes enough for 4-5 masks so you could easily cut this recipe in half and have plenty.

Conclusion: This mask is super easy to make with items already on-hand in your kitchen. The Avocado & Honey Homemade Moisture Mask would be a wonderful intermediate mask to the other heavier, home or salon-based treatments.

Remember, whenever trying a new skin care product or mask, be sure to test it on a small area of your neck or face prior to applying all over. It is also beneficial to apply a mask to the neck and chest area, to help aging in these often neglected areas. Since everyone’s skin is unique, the most important thing is to have fun experimenting to find the perfect combination of masks, cleansers and anti-aging products to make your skin glow!

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