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Does Aminogenesis Really Work?

I am a big fan of the entire Aminogenesis Skin Care line. The products are moisturizing; they’re mostly in serum form, meaning they’re pure and easy for your skin to absorb; and fabulous at fighting aging.

The entire line is built upon peptides (also called amino acids/proteins) which are natural building-blocks for the skin. They draw moisture to the cells and help with repair. Vitamin C and peptides are the essential beginnings to any skin care routine. (Check out I’m A Beginner – What Products Should I Use & How Do I Use Them? for more information.) I’ve always thought the Aminogenesis line deserved more PR.

Each one of the Aminogenesis products does essentially the same thing, but each one is slightly different. All of them moisturize, fight wrinkles and build collagen and elastin. Some aren’t as moisturizing as others. How they work for you will vary based on skin type, but I have yet to give someone an Aminogenesis anti-aging product that they don’t like.

I used to have combination skin and slight acne on my cheeks. By using the Aminogenesis line, all my facial imperfections cleared within 3 weeks and my “frow” line almost disappeared. I have been using this line for almost 5 years now and am so glad to see it finally getting some press!

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