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Aminogenesis DermaScyne 2: Product Review

I broke away from my beloved Aminogenesis Photolagen-AGF to try out the new, premiere Aminogenesis product, DermaScyne 2.

Aminogenesis claims DermaScyne 2 will increase collagen production by 400%. That’s one hefty claim and, after the miraculous job Photolagen-AGF did on my skin, it was a tall order to fill.


  • I used DermaScyne regularly for 6 weeks, but I didn’t see any difference in my skin as compared to when I was using Photolagen-AGF. It wasn’t as plumping to the skin.
  • It is a light serums that you pump out. 1-2 pumps will do for your entire face.
  • DermaScyne 2 has 25 amino acids versus Photolagen-AGF’s 17, but I felt and saw a bigger difference when using the Photolagen-AGF. I’d prefer to spend less and have my skin be plumper.

DermaScyne 2 runs around $105 a bottle (2 oz) and will last you 6-8 months.

Regardless, the Aminogenesis line sets the standard very high. Most of their products are excellent. The technology and ingredients of the Aminogenesis line are absolutely revolutionary and worth the investment. The results from using their products are truly amazing and we tell everyone that – their products are great for all skin types.

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