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Autumn Ingredient DIY Skin Care

Take some time for yourself by indulging in one (or all!) of these amazing at-home skin care recipes that will give you a taste of fall year-round.

Autumn signals a time to begin slowing down as the days shorten, the temperature drops and Mother Nature puts on a fanciful foliage show.



Great for blocked pores, unprocessed and unheated organic apple-cider vinegar–which is a light brown, cloudy liquid—helps prevent inflammation and contains malic acid a natural alpha-hydroxy acid, that gently loosens dead skin, leaving it smooth and silky.

Apple-cider Vinegar Toner
2-3 cups of distilled water with a
1/2 cup of raw organic, unfiltered apple-cider vinegar
Mix together
Apply mixture to cotton and gently swipe over face


From our blog archives, we’ve pulled out the Pumpkin Face and Body Mask recipe for you.

It’s high in Vitamin A, C and Zinc – all of which are extremely beneficial to your skin. Everyone can benefit from the collagen-building and antioxidant properties of Vitamin C and A, and Zinc works in tandem to help clear up blemishes.


Used for thousands of years as an antiseptic, astringent, antifungal treatment and anti-viral aid, cinnamon also helps ease digestion and menstrual cramps, and works as an exfoliant. What a powerhouse!

This relaxing cinnamon foot scrub smells divine and will give your sweet feet much needed pampering.

Cinnamon Foot Scrub
Juice from 5 Organic Lemons
1 T Olive Oil
1/4 Cup Whole Milk
1/2 Cup Water
1 t Cinnamon

Mix ingredients together and place in your tub or other foot-size bucket. Slather all over your heels (perfect for dry, cracked skin), balls of your feet, and toes. Keep scrub on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

And, for those of you who would rather purchase your yummy autumn ingredient skincare, check out this Credentials Exfoliating Pumpkin Masque.

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