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Aminogenesis Photolagen-AGF: Product Review

I wish Aminogenesis Photolagen well-known because more people should be using it. Deeply moisturizing, light and extremely effective, I recommend this product to most of our clients.

  • Aminogenesis Photolagen-AGF is amino acids, the natural building blocks of the skin that work to moisturize. (Two or more amino acids linked together is a peptide.)
  • Photolagen is a gel-like serum. Serums don’t sit on the skin like most lotions. As a serum, the amino acids actually penetrate the skin and attract moisture – to plump from inside out. These amino acids are found in both elastin and collagen. Elastin and collagen are what keep your skin firm and tight.
  • Prior to use, I had slight acne on my cheek bones and a frow line between my eyes. Both were gone in 3 weeks of daily use. I used it as my moisturizer, morning and night and sometimes applied two coats.

Be aware that it is a slightly different feeling when moisturizing with a serum. It isn’t as silky smooth as a lotion (no emollients), but it leaves your skin cleaner and fresher. (Read Why Using a Serum vs a Lotion Matters)

Use the Photolagen-AGF for at least 3 weeks to see a difference, but I can absolutely attest to its effectiveness. The line on my brow was deep. Now, you can barely see it. Photolagen changed my skin; clearing slight acne AND significantly reducing wrinkles. We HIGHLY recommend.

Aminogenesis Photolagen-AGF 2oz, $71.50

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