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Aminogenesis Cocoon: Product Review

Cocoon When I heard the word Cocoon, I pictured a thick, heavy cream. I discovered that Aminogenesis means something entirely different: the name cocoon is illustrative of this lotion’s moisturizing abilities and its ability to reveal the soft, supple skin underneath.

Aminogenesis Cocoon is the original product of the Aminogenesis line. It’s a white, fairly light lotion that contains 17 amino acids. It’s an excellent moisturizer that doesn’t make your skin feel sticky or leave a residue, and it absorbs very well.

The amino acids contained in Cocoon moisturize from within. After a few weeks of regular application, your skin is super-soft and smooth.

  • I had light bumps and uneven skin tone on my legs and upper arms prior to use. This lotion took care of it in a week with daily use.
  • Several clients who used Aminogenesis Cocoon saw an immediate improvement in their eczema (5-6 days).
  • Check out these before and after pictures on Aminogenesis’ website. The results are impressive.


Recommended for those with mild skin problems. Those without problems could go less expensive, but you won’t get the long-term benefits that are provided by Cocoon. The 8oz bottle costs about $34.99 and we think it’s well worth it!

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