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Organic Skin Care

All of our skin care is made in small batches, organic, cruelty-free and recyclable.
Cut down on toxins and support what you believe in. Free of synthetic and chemical ingredients, conscious of the environment, never tested on animals and safe for you, organic skin care works as well, if not better than synthetics.

Your skin is the largest organ you have and everything you apply to it absorbs into your bloodstream - so why not nurture yourself with ingredients nature made?

Active Purifying Travel Kit

Perfect for oily and blemished skin, the four piece Deep Pore Cleansing Kit deep cleans and refreshes skin without stripping it of natural oils.

Skin Brightening Kit

Is your complexion dull? This five piece Skin Brightening Kit lightens and brightens all skin types without stripping it of natural oils.

Pore Refining Kit

The five piece Luna Deep Sea Pore Refining Kit is gentle enough for all skin types. Removes dead skin cells and tightens pores, leaving skin smoother.

Carrot Tomato Alpha Hydroxy Cleanser

A protein-rich, creamy skin brightening and anti-aging facial cleanser suitable for all skin types. Alpha and beta hydroxyl acids unclog pores and improve cell regeneration.

SensitiviTea Cleanser

An antioxidant-rich, gently cleanser thatís perfect for dry, sensitive skin. Natural green and white tea, chamomile, and aloe vera nourish, calm and soothe skin.

Luna Deep Sea Cleanser

Detoxify skin and tighten pores with this pore refining facial cleanser. Suitable for all skin types, leaving skin smoother and brighter.

Active Willow Charcoal Cleanser

Soap-free and oil-free, this cleanser is great for troubled skin leaving it clean and refreshed, never stripped and dry.

Balance Daily Toner

Minimize those large pores with this daily toner. Vitamin C brightens, while chamomile, horsetail and hibiscus soothe and tighten.

Remedy Tonic

Shed dead cells and keep skin bright and clean with this tonic containing 2% salicylic acid and beta hydroxy acids. Essential oils, balance and brighten for a healthy, clear appearance.

Oil Light Moisturizer

light daily face moisturizer soothes and smooths dehydrated damaged skin while protecting it from the sun.

Whipped Pumice Polish Microdermabrasion

A creamy whipped manual microdermabrasion facial polish treatment smooths and brightens dull, dry, damaged skin leaving a more youthful appearance.

Blue Violet Daily Eye Treatment

A hydrating daily eye treatment that smoothes fine lines and lightens dark circles using blue violet leaf, comfrey, rose hips and vitamin C.

Active Silk Moisturizer

A nourishing oil-free daily moisturizer that lightens and brightens acne prone and sensitive dry skin.

Whipped Phyto Pore Refining Mud Mask

Clear, tighten and tone pores for a smoother, softer appearance.

9 Fruits + Vitamin C Exfoliating Mask 2oz

The ten minute mask! Gently exfoliate and moisturize with this organic mask made of fruit enzymes and skin-firming Vitamin C.

Deep Sea Gel Mask

Ten-minute gel firming mask. Moisturizes and firms with a heavenly scent!

Carrot Tomato Body Bar

An all-natural body bar made to exfoliate, moisturize and help repair damaged skin for a youthful glow.

Honey Tea Tree Soap 6oz

Antibacterial body bar that's great for oily skin. Organic and highly beneficial!

Active Willow Charcoal Soap

Melt away oil and bacteria with the power of charcoal. All-natural and organic.

Excellent products and quick delivery. Much less expensive than buying it at the spa. Jennifer S. San Jose, CA