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Eyes/Treatments /Vitamins

Credentials Amino Lift Peptide Complex 1 oz

Brightens, smoothes and firms the skin while hydrating. Contains 4 amino acids to fight fine lines & wrinkles and dryness.
66   $65.00

Credentials Botanical Bio-Peptide Concentrate

Perfect for all skin types as a moisturizer and firmer for the skin. Balances, tones and smoothes fine lines & wrinkles. This clear serum absorbs quickly and cleanly.
41   $40.00

Credentials Botanical Bio-Peptide Creme

Richly hydrating night creme for all skin types. Firms, fights fine lines & wrinkles and leaves your skin feeling like silk! Promote cell regeneration with this nourishing creme for the face and neck area.
53   $52.00

Credentials Eye + Throat Bio-Formula 1 oz

Receive antioxidant benefits and enjoy a refeshed youthful appearance with this hydrating formula.
33   $32.00

Credentials Eye Nourisher 1 oz

Perk up your tired eyes with this beneficial eye nourishment and watch those dark circles improve!
33   $32.00

Credentials Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelee 0.5 oz

You can fight the signs of aging and make eye puffiness a thing of the past! This gelee delivers soothing benefits for tired eyes.
28   $27.00

Credentials Eyebright Intensive Eye Creme 0.5 oz

Your friends will ask what you're doing to look younger. This special eye cream reduces wrinkles, hyrdrates and smooths to give you that healthy revitalized look.
33   $32.00

Credentials Face Firming Complex 1 oz

Lift, tighten and firm your skin and enjoy beauty from your youth! This complex offers the benefit of antioxidants and DMAE to help your skin rebuild itself.
48   $47.00

Credentials Gold Nuggets

You'll have the soft supple skin you always wanted. Plus you'll get extra protection from environmental stress with these power packed nuggets!
33   $32.00

Credentials Hydra Gel B5 1 oz

Help your skin to regenerate and renew! You'll also get increased moisture while enjoying the soothing benefits of this hydrating gel.
48   $47.00

Credentials Line Filler 0.5 oz

What your fine lines to look invisible? This essential line filler is a must have for those wrinkles and crows feet!
53   $52.00

Credentials Lip Exfoliator

Exfoliate dry, flaky skin in preparation for ultimate moistureization!
15   $14.00

Credentials Lip Treatment 0.25 oz

Give your lips the extra nourishment they crave and enjoy the added benefit of smoother, better wearing lipstick.
19   $18.00

Credentials Liquid Gold 0.50 oz

Help your skin recover after laser or microdermabrasion treatments. You'll have the security of knowing that your skin is also protected from environmental stress.
29   $28.00

Credentials Rosacalm Serum

Calm redness and soothe irritated skin with this award-winning product. Great for those with rosacea.
33   $32.00

Credentials Skin Brightening Gel 1 oz

Give your skin a refreshed look and banish those hyper-pigmentation spots with this gentle brightening gel. Donít wait any longer for that revitalized look!
30   $29.00

Credentials Vitamin A Refining Complex

Want to see your wrinkles and fine lines improve and provide relief to your problem skin, then give this anti-oxidant rich complex a try!
35   $34.00

Credentials Vitamin C Creme

Let the vitamin C in this lightweight penetrating creme nourish and protect to give your mature skin new life!
41   $40.00

Credentials Vitamin C Serum

This potent serum delivers antioxidants and deep moisture to help your skin fight dryness and free radical damage.
48   $47.00

Wonderful products, quality packaging, fast ship!Karen M. Palm Harbor, FL