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The Power of Peptides

A peptide is a chain of two or more amino acids. When a peptide is applied to your skin, your skin says "Hey! Now we have what we need to make collagen. Let's DO IT!!"

In skin care, a peptide is food that can be used to generate new cells. A Peptide is an organic compound that is made of amino acids linked together and then many peptides linked together is a protein.

As you age, the blood flow to the dermis is reduced and amino acids/ peptides are not delivered to the skin. If the nutrients to the skin are reduced, then the amount of new cells made is reduced. Collagen (the cushiony cells in the dermis) is the most abundant protein in the body. When the body does not get enough nutrients to form collagen then wrinkles and sagging occur and vessels are not covered or supported.

Peptides in skincare products are biologically active and are the "food" used to stimulate new skin growth. They cause no irritation or damage to the skin as with vitamin C, AHA, BHA or retinols and they do not cause sun sensitivity. When peptides are applied topically, they can increase the amount of dermal cells made from 117-327% so they do an amazing job of improving the skin for someone who is aging or those with rosacea.

Characteristics of peptides:

  1. stimulate cell activity by signaling cells to produce more collagen, thus smoothing fine lines, covering surface vessels and improving skin elasticity.

  2. act as a messenger between the epidermis and dermis that has broken down with age.

  3. penetrate deeper into the skin than other skin care ingredients for better results

  4. superior at retaining moisture in the skin and improving circulation

  5. some will attract other cells needed to repair and reconstruct the dermis.

The Aminogenesis Skin Care Line and Dr. Denese product lines have heavy amounts of peptides in their products. If you want improvement for almost any skin issue or just want to maintain your already healthy skin, peptides are essential in your daily skincare regimen.

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