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Homeopathy is a system of medicine is based on the premise that certain natural substances stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms, allowing the body to heal itself. After symptoms of a condition have been alleviated, homeopathy works to re-establish internal order in the body. Because very small doses are used, all this can be accomplished without negative side effects. Today, about 3000 remedies are used in homeopathy and are based on three principles:

  • Like cures like
    When a substance in large doses causes certain symptoms, in small doses it can cure these same symptoms.

  • Minimal Dose
    The remedy is taken in an extremely dilute form; normally one part of the remedy to around 1,000,000,000,000 parts of water.

  • The Single Remedy
    No matter how many symptoms are experienced, only one remedy is taken, and that remedy will be aimed at all those symptoms.

This is similar to how allergies are treated where the allergic substance is given in a small dose, and in vaccines where an impotent form of the virus is given to bolster the immune system against that particular virus.

Why use Homeopathics?

Homeopathy is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world. Its growth in popularity in the United States has been around 25 to 50 percent a year throughout the last decade. This success is fueled by several factors:
  • It's effective. When the correct remedy is taken, results can be rapid, complete and permanent.

  • It's completely safe. Even babies and pregnant women can use Homeopathy without the danger of side effects. Homeopathic remedies can be taken alongside other medication without producing unwanted side effects.

  • All natural. Homeopathic remedies are normally based on natural ingredients.

  • Works in harmony with your immune system, unlike some conventional medicines which suppress the immune system. (For example, cough medicines suppress the cough reflex, which is your body's attempt to clear the lungs)

  • Remedies are not addictive - once relief is felt, you should stop taking them. If no relief is felt, you are taking the wrong remedy.

  • It's holistic. It treats all symptoms as one, which means it addresses the cause, not the symptoms.

For more detailed information on Homeopathy and its resources, visit Homeopathy Home. We recommend the Sprayology system or Naturopatch to help the body replenish its resources and function at optimum levels. Naturopatch brings you the benefits of ancient botanical healing traditions discreetly and conveniently. All Sprayology formulas are designed in FDA approved laboratories by medical doctors and homeopaths to create a balance between modern technology and holistic health. The Sprayology line consists of 20 homeopathic FDA regulated sprays and four vitamin sprays.

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